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Ayaka Usami
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Hello, or konnichi wa to those who have stumbled over this page.

My name is Ayaka Usami. Currently I am eighteen and living in Kyoto, as I practice the art of chadoo/sadoo (the way of tea, naturally) there. However, I often make trips to Tokyo to see Uesugi Eiri-sama, and his....ahem....interesting comrades. In any case, I'm quite new to these online journals, and would appreciate any tips, as well as friends ^-^ Eiri-sama? Tatsuha-kun? Perhaps you two are out there. It's rather lonely when you have a journal with no one to comment on it.

In any case, I like music, tea ceremony, and lots of other activities. Just take a look at my interests list, and I hope to make a considerable amount of friends here ^_^